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Title: Near To Us Once More
Rating: G
Words: 1407
Summary: December 2012. Tatsumi de-ages one last time in camp.
Warnings: None.

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Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness


Jan. 1st, 2011 08:39 pm
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So, as you have likely already heard me moaning about, I've been sick and am still sick, which has me hardly in a threading mood. This happens, of course, when I still have a number of threads left over from big posts, the soulmates event has started and vacation stuff is taking place.

I'll try to pick up ongoing things slowly for as long as people will tolerate me, and I'll placeholder for relevant events. Thank you for your patience!

Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness
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